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Guidance from peers at no cost

Who we are:

PeerLab Tutoring is a student-based FREE tutoring organization based in Smithtown, NY. 

Our mission: 

We aim to help students excel in school and overcome any learning obstacles

What we can do:

We can help you with everything from a one-time question to sessions throughout the year. Check out the rest of our site to get more details! 


Why Tutor With Us?

Math Homework
Female Students
Math Homework

Quality Tutoring at No Cost

Students Tutoring Students

Helpful strategies in a wide range of subjects

Online tutoring

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We were featured on the Smithtown Patch! Thank you to all our tutors for volunteering.


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Our Services

- Homework Help

- Test/Quiz Prep 

- Regents Prep

- AP Prep

- Study Tips

About Us

Guidance from peers at no cost

PeerLab was founded by Jonathan Chung and Aman Mistry and launched with Justin Hippler in 2020. We desire to give students help from student tutors who were once in their position at no cost. We will teach students strategies and techniques we have developed through our experience in the classroom. We understand having difficulty in classes and falling behind, so we want to help students catch up and even exceed their class expectations.

Contact us today so we can help you build a stronger educational foundation.

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